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If you have any questions regarding TelaLinks or your account, please make sure you have checked our FAQ section, before submitting your request via following contact form.

Here is the list of status codes, if you receive one of these codes, please take corrective action as stated below:

  • UNCHECKED: TelaLinks has not verified the code on your website so far, so your link is not displayed in the directory yet. Recommended action: Wait until our crawler checks your site.
  • NO CODE: TelaLinks has failed to verify the existence of the code on your website, so your link is not displayed on the network. Recommended action: Make sure the code is uploaded to your server and "URL Of Code Page" is set correct.
  • SITE DOWN: TelaLinks has failed to connect to your website because your website is or was unavailable at that time, your link is not displayed on the network. Recommended action: Please make sure your website is online and accessible, wait for next scheduled crawling.
  • ADMIN STOP: TelaLinks has stopped displaying your link on the network for various reasons. Recommended action: Contact TelaLinks.
  • ACTIVE: Your link is currently displayed in the directory.
  • NO LINK: TelaLinks has failed to verify existence of a link to the "Code Page" on your website, so your link is not displayed on the network. Recommended action: Make sure the link to "URL Of Code Page" is existing on your "Link URL" website (usually your homepage) as entered in the link campaign settings, including "http://www..." like "http://www.yourdomain.com/resources/index.php".
Note: Currently we are receiving signups at an extremely high rate which slows down the link verification process to 24-48 hours. Please wait longer than 48 hours before reporting a status. Your patience is appreciated.

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  Get over 5400 backlinks for free to your site instantly. Absolutely no cost for link publishers.  
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  No blacklisted sites or sites linking to "bad neighbourhoods" exchange links with you!  
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  No dead links. Period. You'll always link to as many sites as you get links to your sites.  
Multiple Website Campaigns
  Manage multiple link campaigns for all your sites or products from your free account.  
Targeted linking environment
  To increase link relevancy, your link is placed only on pages with other links related to your industry.  
Advanced anti-fraud security
  TelaLinks uses advanced anti-fraud algorithms to ensure that all link exchanges are valid. Tougher than any other automated link exchange service.  

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